Family / General Dentist in Las Vegas, NV

Family / General Dentist in Las Vegas, NV

A general dentist’s motto is to give preventive dental care to their patients. You can have a happy smile with healthy mouths, without any tooth decay, cavities, or gum disease. Through preventive dentistry, the importance of routine hygiene practices is emphasized for adequate care, as at-home oral care also matters a lot.

Why do you need a dental check-up? 

You need a dental check-up, even though you brush or floss daily, there are still some parts that don’t get cleaned. So, if you visit a dentist:

  • You can get to know about any dental problems before
  • You can get the problem treated, as that will be more effective and less expensive.
  • You can prevent any problems before they get worse
  • You can feel more confident about yourself and your oral health.

How can your general dentist improve your dental health?

As part of the routine dental check-up, the general dentist conducts dental cleanings and exams. The plaque and tartar in the mouth are removed, using a technology for a thorough exam to find any issues. With the help of the Iris intraoral camera, every angle of your mouth can be checked in detail. 

The dentist provides a detailed description of the tips for at-home oral hygiene, also recommending preventive treatments like sealants, if it seems necessary. A customized mouthguard helps in preventing any injuries if you are someone who is always involved in hard physical activities like sports.

What is the role of a  family dentist?

The family dentist gives primary care and treatment for the whole family. All necessary services can be provided at one office. Even the appointments for the entire family can be scheduled on the same day. 

Having a family dentist can save a lot of time. Parents, children, and older family members don’t need any other dental specialist to care for them. You can encourage your kids to keep their mouth healthy for life. If there are any inherited dental problems, then it can be easily identified, taking extra steps to prevent them from transferring to children. 


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