Dental Braces in Las Vegas, NV

Dental Braces in Las Vegas, NV

Malocclusion is one of the most prominent oral conditions encountered by individuals of all age groups. Malocclusion or misalignment of the teeth can entirely ruin the beauty of your smile. Also, one's oral functionality will take a hit as biting and chewing food with crooked teeth can induce pain in the jaws. These drawbacks make it highly important to get malocclusion treated at the earliest.

What are dental braces?

Braces are known to be the best and most effective solution for treating malocclusion. Conventional dental braces are composed of brackets and wires that are attached to the teeth. Each tooth would receive a bracket, meaning, the bracket would be bonded to the surface of the teeth using dental adhesives. Wires would be run through the brackets and their ends would be fastened to the molars.

The teeth are made to move to their orthodontically right positions by applying pressure on them in a particular direction. The pressure applied on the teeth can be varied by tightening or loosening the wires. However, this should only be done by a dentist as the process requires professional hands to make just the right adjustments.

Types of braces

Conventional metal braces:These types of braces are the basic and most commonly used ones for treating malocclusions. They are composed of metal brackets and wires, giving them a lustrous appearance. The wires would apply pressure on the brackets, which in turn press against the teeth and help to move them in the required direction.

Clear braces: Clear braces are the ones with tooth-colored or transparent brackets and wires. The brackets and wires can be made from ceramic, composite or clear plastic. Based on the patient's severity of malocclusion, the right type of braces would be suggested. Though they are not made from metal components, their effectiveness is just as good as metal braces.

Lingual braces:While conventional braces are attached to the teeth on the frontal surface, lingual braces are bonded to the teeth on their rear side, i.e. the sides facing the tongue. The advantage of lingual braces is that they wouldn't be visible when you smile or talk as they are hidden behind the teeth. Also, the chances of getting injured due to the braces when you sustain oral trauma are next to none.

Treatment procedure

When you visit us for the initial consultation, we would conduct a thorough diagnosis of the oral condition. We may have to take an x-ray and scans of the mouth to get a better view of the positioning of the teeth. Based on the data, the right type of braces will be suggested.

Prior to starting the procedure, teeth will have to be extracted on either side of the jaw. This is done to provide space for the teeth to move. The braces will be set up and the dentist would advise you on how to take care of them during the treatment period. Also, the right food habits will be suggested to prevent the food from getting stuck in the braces or damaging them.

Post getting the braces, regular consultations would be required to ensure they are performing their function effectively. The dentist would tighten or loosen them as required to alter the pressure applied to the teeth. Based on the severity of malocclusion, the treatment period could vary between a few months to a couple of years.

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