Save Your Tooth With Root Canal in Las Vegas, NV

Save Your Tooth With Root Canal

root canal is a dental procedure to repair badly infected teeth. It’s a standard procedure in modern dentistry. The term root canal comes from the cleaning of canals inside a tooth’s root. The root canal treatment involves the removal of soft centers of the teeth called the pulp made up of connective tissues and nerves.  

The most common symptom of needing root canal treatment is toothache. The patients can experience sensitivity to hot or cold liquids or foods. In the majority of cases, the root canal treatment is done through local anesthesia.  

The root canal treatment is necessary if the patient has deep tooth decaycracked teeth, or traumatic dental injury

Root canal treatment consists of removing swollen or inflamed pulp tissue. The dentist needs to clean out the infected pulp and fill the canals. And also, after the procedure, the patient needs a temporary crown.

The first step of root canal treatment is making an examination of the tooth to understand the nature of the problem. It involves a physical examination of the mouth through X-Ray imaging.

The dentistbegins the treatment by numbing the area, and local anesthesia is administered to increase the patient’s comfort throughout the procedure.

A small protective sheet called a dental dam is applied in the affected area to keep saliva and other substances away from it while the procedure is completed. 

The next step is Drilling. The dentist drills into the tooth’s crown to open it, and specialized dental instruments are used for treatment. It will be inserted into the pulp chamber and root canal to clean the infected pulp. 

After that, the remaining space is then cleaned, disinfected, and shaped to make space for a filling. The root canal is then filled with adhesive dental cement to avoid future infection.

Once the root canal has been filled, a crown is placed over the tooth to protect it for the long term.

  • A root canal is a very simple procedure, and the root canal therapy last an hour only
  • This procedure helps compact any discomfort caused by tooth decay, sensitive tooth, and toothache.
  • It can stop the spreading of infection to the neighboring tooth.
  • The treated tooth is sealed with a crown that provides a new beautiful appearance.
  • After the root canal treatment, the tooth returns to a healthy condition and enhances overall oral health.

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