How dental crowns can give you a smile transformation in Las Vegas, NV

How dental crowns can give you a smile transformation

Have you been longing to get that misshapen tooth restored for a long time now? Or, do you have severely worn out or weak teeth that need to be treated? In such cases, the first thought that comes to mind is a dental crown. Crowns have been around for many decades now and are among the most widely used dental restorations, owing to their superior properties. At Stonewater Dentistry, we will thoroughly assess your oral condition and suggest the best treatment to address it.

What are the applications of crowns?

Restoring damaged teeth
Although the enamel is the strongest substance in the human body, it could break/crack under severe forces or extreme stress. This can leave the teeth cracked, chipped, or broken. It is best to get such teeth restored at the earliest to avoid the condition from becoming severe, which could lead to tooth loss. Placing a crown on such teeth helps to restore them to their ideal structure, functionality, and aesthetics.

Re-contouring misshapen teeth
The teeth could be naturally misshapen, which ruins the appearance of the smile and may lead to frequent embarrassment. Misshapen teeth also affect the ability to bite and chew food, which could affect the TMJ joints in the long run. Hence, we restore both oral aesthetics and functionality using dental crowns.

Eliminate excess spaces
Spacing is a type of malocclusion characterized by excessive gaps between adjacent teeth. They upset oral aesthetics and can make the malocclusion worse. Ceramic crowns can be bonded to the teeth to make them appear evenly spaced and eliminate the displeasing gaps.

Support weak or worn out teeth
Teeth that are weak or severely worn out could crack or crumble under severe stress or high impact forces. Worn out teeth will have lost the biting surfaces, due to which biting and chewing food would be quite uncomfortable. In some instances, teeth that have been treated for a root canal infection would be extremely weak and require support to stay intact. This can be provided by a dental crown, as it offers excellent strength and longevity.

Why choose crowns?

  • Crowns are made from dental-grade ceramic, which can be customized to match the exact appearance of the natural teeth. This keeps them under disguise.
  • Dental-grade ceramic has excellent durability and would only wear as much as the enamel, which is negligible.
  • Crowns are customized to offer perfect fit and comfort, keeping them stable. They completely protect the underlying tooth and keep it from sustaining further damage.
  • Placing a crown is quite a simple procedure. It is especially easier with advanced technology such as CEREC.

To know more about dental crowns, please reach out to us on call or schedule an online consultation, and we’ll be happy to assist you.

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