Caring for your teeth after a root canal therapy in Las Vegas, NV

Caring for your teeth after a root canal therapy

If your tooth gets nerve damage because of an infection or decay, then the solution to save your tooth could be a root canal treatment. Through the root canal, you can save your natural tooth, avoiding the need for an artificial tooth, keeping the teeth alignment, and preventing jaw issues. 

In most cases, root canal therapy can be completed within one or two dental visits. After the procedure, the dentist might provide you specific instructions to follow. It is necessary to have a proper dental care habit to maintain a healthy mouth. The following are some of the tips to follow after root canal treatment:

Consume the prescribed medications

Having an infected tooth is extremely painful, so to prevent any further infection, you might require essential prescribed antibiotics as directed.

Pay attention to your pain levels

It is normal to feel some discomfort after a root canal treatment, which can be treated by over­-the-­counter medications like Advil or Aleve. This pain only lasts for a short while but, by any chance, if you have a prolonged period of pain, then consult your dentist immediately.

Keep the area clean

You need to ensure to keep the tooth and gums where the root canal was carried out very clean. You can do that by brushing and flossing regularly and also by gently rinsing your mouth.

Do not put pressure on the infected tooth

After the root canal therapy, your tooth might be very tender, so you need to ensure not to put too much pressure on it by grinding or clenching your jaw or by biting on the treated side. You might need to have a nightguard to keep your teeth apart.

Avoid certain foods

It would be best to avoid hard, chewy, or crunchy food right after the root canal procedure. During the healing time, your tooth might be temporarily sensitive to hot or cold foods, so it is best to have mild or room­-temperature foods like soft sandwiches.

Consider getting a crown for your tooth

If you get a crown placed over the tooth in which you had your root canal, then it will remain more intact. A crown can help in preventing further complications and also promote more functionality.

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